Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Yesterday I popped over to Ikea and picked up the LILL curtains for a bargain price of $5.99!

I had measured my windows and worked out how many packs I would need to recreate my 'designer, sheer curtain look' on a VR budget. I grabbed some poles and rod hooks and I was all set and ready to get started.

First off, I got my trusty little pink tool kit out, (thanks again AB - best present ever!) and got started on screwing the rod hooks into the ceiling.

The poles came next. Super easy as they are extendable. I was able to make them the exact size I needed for the windows. The exception being the living room as this is really wide. It required two poles, a pole connector and an extra rod hook for support in the centre.

Then I simply threaded the curtains over the pole and added extra curtain panels until I achieved the right amount of gathering.

All done in under 30 minutes! For the bedrooms, I used two packs of Ikea LILL curtains, a pole and two rod hooks. Totalling to $17 per bedroom. The living room used twice the amount of the bedroom,  a total of $34.

Yes, they my not be my dream sheers, but for a total price of $68, for some nice bright white sheers that pop against my grey walls and give me the privacy I wanted, I think they are pretty perfect!


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