Thursday, 10 October 2013


Not only is Gisele Bundchen stunningly beautiful, she also really cares about the environment, making her even more beautiful - if that is possible! 

When she and her husband, Tom Brady were designing and building their LA home, it was extremely important for them to consider the environment and make their home as eco-friendly as possible. The model has said that many of the environmentally minded aspects of the home are in the design, others are considered in the everyday living.

Before they began building they put a lot of research into materials that could be used and were happy that much could be recycled from existing materials, 90 percent of the materials were reclaimed. Another big focus was the efficiency of energy. They designed the house to allow as much natural light in as possible.

And they love their solar panels - in a house that size they need them!

They also have LED lighting with low-voltage and they have equipped many of the rooms with motion sensors. This ensures no lights are left on if the room is vacated.

The also use grey water for their garden and lawns.

And can you believe their veggie garden! The model says they grow 85 percent of their fruit and vegetables. This way she knows exactly where the produce she and her family consume comes from, but her children also get to experience firsthand the connection between earth and their food. The children love to go into the chicken coop and feed the chooks and collect eggs for their breakfast.

With Gisele's wonderful attitude towards the environment, her healthy eating and lifestyle, it is no wonder this model looks the way she does. We should all take a leaf out of Gisele's garden and do our bit to keep our planet a perfect place to live.



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