Wednesday, 9 October 2013


The garden has been in a state of disarray since we moved in. 

I cannot even begin to tell you what a mess the garden was in. I also cannot even begin to get my head around what was done to it by the previous owners. We have retaining walls surrounding the deck area. I figured I would take out the dying, harsh looking, plants and replant the area with some lush green hedges to boarder our property.

Not going to happen.

As it turned out, all the soil had been removed and boards where nailed onto the height of the garden bed walls and covered with stones. Then large circles had been drilled and plant pots were placed in these circles - I've never seen anything so bizarre!

What I first thought was going to be an easy little bit of garden is now turning into a big backyard blitz!

Not only are the dying plants a problem but there is also such a mix match of colours and textures; we have a beige coloured building (I know, beige again, unfortunately, I cannot change this) Then there is the timber deck they put in and painted a mission brown, tiles on the walls are in a stone grey and small textured tiles also a similar colour. Then the two side retaining walls are filled with white stones and random palms and shrubs. The long, large garden had grey stones and again a mixture of red, green and yellow native plants. Way too much going on in one small space!

First up, we removed all the stones, I had some help from my amazing Daddy (and he thought he was coming up to Sydney for a holiday!) We took away the plants and I was left with rotting boards. 

This is where I am confused. These boards were just an MDF type of wood. MDF is not made for the outdoors. The wood is wet by rain and watering causing the rotting. Most of the boards were about to cave in from the rotting along with the weight of the stones and plants!

This is what I was left with everything was removed. I called in some professionals to fill the garden beds with soil. Poor guys got a real work out carrying all the soil up a flight of stairs - and it took a lot more soil than first anticipated. Money well spent here.

Next up was the planting of my little hedges, about 40 of them. Just a little time consuming but we got there in the end.

100% better and heading in the right direction of my outdoor living vision. Still a lot more happening, I have to paint the deck and tiles and find some outdoor furniture. Watch this space later this week to see some serious deck transformation.

In the meantime, I just have to wait for my hedges to grow into a lovely luscious, thick green, boarder around my perfect outdoor area. 


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