Sunday, 13 October 2013


Here it is. Here is my my fabulous eBay purchase.

Ok, so it may not look as fabulous as the furniture from Naturally Cane....that is, not yet!

I, however, picked this cane set up for a bargain price of just $150! You read it right, $150. Not $1500, not $2500, not $6500, as it may have cost me had I bought the same amount at Naturally Cane.

Ok, so I may have been on a bit of a cane furniture mission, I also bought these four chairs for $20 each. I just couldn't resist the bargain. Besides our deck is so big, I thought I could make a few different areas. I'm hunting down a round coffee table for the centre of these chairs.

Let the transformations begin.....

I decided to paint my fabulous new furniture black, gloss black. It will be seen from inside and when we have all the bi-fold doors open it will be an extension of the living room. I want the inside to flow from the outside and vice versa.

Something like this.

Once again, but no surprise to you all I'm sure, I headed down to my happy place, Bunnings. Into the paint section, where I am now pretty much a daily regular. 

I bought four cans of spray on primer in grey. Spray on primer was going to be so much easier than painting on primer with a brush - too many fiddly bits. 

After washing the chairs, I sprayed a light coat of the primer, followed by a few more to ensure full coverage. Because the cane had been varnished, I needed to thoroughly cover the entire chairs with the primer in order for the gloss paint to stick.

Next, I pulled out a spray can of black gloss. I am not quite sure how many trips I did to Bunnings to buy just a few more cans of black spray paint. I think the staff may have been starting to think I was a graffiti artist. Let's just say I bought a lot! Luckily one can is only $2.95. And on went the first coat.

While the first coat was drying, I started priming the other cane lounges. This took a little longer because of all the detail, it was quite time consuming spraying in all the weaves.

I did get there and I finished all the cane furniture in about two days. Once it dried, I was able to see if I missed any areas and then touch up. Another great thing is, if it does chip or scratch it is super easy to repair so I don't have to worry if it gets a few bumps. 

Here are the before and after shots of the Virgin Renovator make-over...

I don't think the photos do the furniture justice. They really do look so fabulous. Now I just need to find fabric to cover all the cushions. 

I feel that I am on my way to creating the perfect outdoor space on a budget. Bring on summer!



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  2. fantastic effort.. looks great. i'm about to start on a project that I got for nicks. yay