Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I am in need of some window coverings and I love the look of sheer white curtains.

I'll be using them for privacy more than for sun block out. We already have block-out roller blinds installed and guess what colour they are?.....Beige of course! Lucky, we only pull them down in the evenings.

Our windows are floor to ceiling and wall to wall, in fact they are bi-fold or sliding doors rather than windows, and all open up onto our deck. I want something sheer and soft that still allows all the natural light to stream in but allows me privacy from all the worlds view.

Have a look at these beautiful inspirational images I found.


I began getting quotes for three rooms. Two bedrooms and the large bi-fold door - and WOW! I wasn't expecting them to be as pricey. I can appreciated the price, as there is the cost of fabric, manufacturing, installation, etc. I'm not quite ready to spend thousands of dollars just yet, I feel I have other projects I want to spend some money on too (like my built-in wardrobe for one).

I have decided I will do a little DIY and install some myself. Worst case scenario is that I don't like them and they come down in a few months, but hey, if I have only spend a minimal amount then I'm ok with that - we will call it a trial period, just in case I change my mind - I may be known to change my mind quite often!

WOW again! I have just found these great sheers online at Ikea for $5.99! I think these could be the perfect solution on my budget and much easier than me attempting to sew the hems. Now, I must head off to Ikea to take a look - fingers crossed that they could work!


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