Tuesday, 15 October 2013


My kitchen needs to be black.

At the moment it is still boring beige, just as the entire house once was. It needs to go. It lets down the rest of the house and it is an eye sore. I knew it wouldn't work when I decide to paint all the walls grey. I also knew that I would give it a make-over pretty quickly.

The kitchen is in really good condition, it must only be five years old and I can see that it was a high end kitchen. Because I only want to change the colour, not replace all the cabinets, I have been looking into having the doors, draws and panels re-sprayed.

I found quite a lot of inspiration on pinterest and black kitchens do appear to be right on trend.

Would you look at these stools! Amazing! I am loving the gold frame around what appears to be a hide.

These black tiles add a touch of glam to the black kitchen.

I love that everything is hidden behind the doors. Closing the doors equals a quick clean up if guests pop over unannounced!

It is a little daring but why not? I think it will blend in perfectly with my grey walls.


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