Friday, 11 October 2013


The weather has been hot in Sydney and I really want to finish my outdoor area ready so I can relax and enjoy the summer from my deck - perhaps with a few mojitos?

With the gardening now completed, my next project was to paint the outdoor area.

This area is all a little mix-matched. The previous owners really did carry out some random renovations. I noticed my neighbour's outdoor area was all paved in sandstone. Very subtle and very low maintenance. 

For some strange reason, (a little like removing dirt from the garden bed), they took up half of the pavers and replaced them with a timber deck. They then painted the remainder of the outdoor area, which is still paved. Yes, I'm slightly baffled too!

The important issue here is maintenance. Both timber and these pavers need constant upkeep, especially since now that they are painted. Chips occur frequently in outdoor areas and failure of proper and timely touch-ups can have your outdoor area looking second rate quite quickly. Then, there was the kaleidoscope of colours - so many colours! You may be realising by now, I'm not really a multi-coloured-kind-of-girl ! I like symmetry and I like the three colour rule. My three colours; grey, black and white. (and technically, they're not even colours!)

Off I headed to Bunnings. I'm a bit of a regular there now but it is my favourite store at the minute, where I asked for deck paint in black. I was told I couldn't buy deck paint in black. Strange. They mixed a dark grey and said this was as dark as it could go. It was pretty much the same colour as the existing pavers. This grey has a blue undertone and it clashes with the exterior colour of the house. I wasn't happy, it still looked blue. I bought it but my gut told me it was the wrong shade!

After a little research online, I discovered that Dulux manufactures a Weathershield Black that is suitable for decks and pavers. Perfect! Off I went to Bunnings again. I exchanged the old tin with a new 10 litre tin of Dulux. I must say, the staff in Bunnings were as helpful as ever!

I began to transform the deck from an ageing timber, to a new sleek black look.

Hours later, I started to see the results. Let me just say, it is not easy. It has taken me pretty much all week. Once I rolled on the paint, I had to sit down with a little paint brush and paint in between all the planks of timber, as you could see the mission brown stain. Very, very, time consuming but at least I was out enjoying the fresh air and I could kill two birds with one stone and work on my tan!!!

After all the timber area was pretty much completed, with just a few little touch ups to go, next up  was all the pavers!

Painting the pavers was possibly more painful than the deck. The pavers aren't smooth, they have multiple rivers of grooves running through them. After rolling on a few coats, I was again, on the ground with a little paint brush, dabbing paint into all those little holes. 

And, just in case you are thinking, why didn't she use a cement roller, I did! Most of grooves are just so big, that the roller still wouldn't get into them.

And there we have it. I have literally just finished and look like a real tradie. I am covered with black paint. The timber and the pavers are all done! 

Although, I am sure I will find a few more holes to fill. I know I will forever be walking around like Picasso, with a paint brush in hand, touching up!

I think it looks a billion time better. It compliments the exterior house colour. The inside of the house also flows better to the outside when all the doors are open. It is modern, yet classic.

Only one problem with black though - it will show up all the dirt and any leaves or other marks that land on it. Think of it like a black car, they look nice when they are clean and shiny but the dirt sure does show up! 

I wouldn't have chosen to paint everything if I had a choice as it is a fair bit of up keep. I didn't have a choice though as it was already painted.

Now then, I must go, I know I said I was finished with the deck and paving but not quite. I still have all the stairs to do! 

Patience is not my finest trait, this is testing my patience! Maybe I can convince DRM to help me out when he arrives home later?


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  1. That is always one of my concerns when I start thinking of painting things around the house black. It’s just too easy to spot dirt on them, and my OCD will start kicking in! That, and they tend to soak up heat, so it may not be the best color for certain rooms. Looks great on your deck, though! At least you don’t have to do it again in a few years, unless you want to change the color again.