Friday, 20 September 2013


Well, it has been a long time.....but the Virgin Renovator is back!

Things have been crazy and so much has happened!

I left you all in Vegas, it was a little hard writing the blog as I was doing what you should do on a holiday - relaxing and enjoying it! Then, of course, time disappeared and here I am, several months later...Oh, how I have missed blogging.

Just to fill you all in on the last few months, I'll give you a quick update -

  • We left Gerringong and flew to the USA for a much needed break.
  • DRM proposed to me in Las Vegas, super surprised and had NO IDEA!!!! All very romantic and the ring is just beautiful! Yes DRM picked it all on his own! And I said YES!
  • After Vegas, we flew up to Reno and stayed with DRMs cousins - beautiful people who I cannot wait to see again. Reno was loads of fun.
  • Then we drove from Reno to San Fransico - Absolutely LOVE San Fran. Would go back there in a heartbeat! The vibe was just brilliant.
  • The day we got back we settled on our new house and moved in! Crazy and exhausting but all very exciting!
  • I started Design School - again! An overload of new skills and knowledge. I am absolutely loving it too and it is great getting in with all the Sydney creative people!
  • I've been busy doing little renovations - giving our home a Virgin Renovator touch - and, yes, all on a very tight budget!!!

And of course there is so much more in between........

Over the next few weeks, I'll show you all the little renovations I have done to date and of course all my plans for the future renovations....

I'll leave you with the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the park across from our house on this perfect sunny Sydney day.

xo VR 

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