Saturday, 28 September 2013


Tonight DRM and I are headed to a Great Gatsby Ball. I'm so excited because the twenties are one of my favourite eras for design. 

To get myself in the mood, I just had to watch Baz Luhrmann's, The Great Gatsby, again. Then of course, I couldn't help but to start looking at Gatsby inspired interiors. 

Catherine Martin, is the very talented Oscar-winning designer behind the amazing, beautiful set design on the Film. I discovered she has designed a Great Gatsby inspired suite at The Plaza, New York, The Fitzgerald Suite, named after Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Fitzgerald regularly visited the hotel with his wife Zelda, and the suite is intended as a tribute to his legacy as well as a celebration of the film.
Located on the 18th floor of the building, the 900sq ft suite includes various Art Deco flourishes and pieces of period furniture, in addition to pictures of the author and his wife, and photos of the cast of the 2013 film. More unexpected additions to the décor include gramophone-shaped iPhone-compatible speakers and vitrines that will house sporting trophies supposedly won by Tom Buchanan, a prominent character in the film.

Catherine Martin, has also designed a line of rugs, these are available through Designer Rugs. I've been in love with the bedroom rug, above, for so long. 

The rug above is the same rug as featured in Gatsby's bedroom. And I am loving the wall panelling! 

The suite is elegant, opulent and glamorous, full of chandeliers, beautiful geometric patterns and all in a lovely achromatic colour scheme; white, black and greys. 

I think I have just found the perfect hotel room for my next trip to NYC - except for the fact that it costs almost $3000 a night!! I may just have to recreate a Gatsby suite of my own! 


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