Friday, 27 September 2013


Jungle fever. I have it.

I have not been able to stop thinking about the Martinique banana leaf wallpaper, that I posted yesterday, in Nicky Hilton Goes Bananas

We have very similar palms in one of our garden beds and I do love them so, they look lovely, green and lush. Sadly, they have grown into a massive jungle! I'm worried the massive trunks and roots will soon break the retaining walls! And I also may be a little scared to go near them - they are covered in spider webs!

So, unfortunately they may need to come out soon, for this reason I am thinking about the wallpaper as a substitute for my absent palms.....

The Martinique printed paper could possibly be the most recognised wallpaper in the world. It was made famous in 1942 when it was originally installed in the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Since then it has graced the walls of many celebrity homes, such as Nicky Hilton and designers like Nate Berkus, seem to go bananas for it! If your memory serves you well, you may recall it was even used in Blanch's bedroom on the TV series, The Golden Girls?


A very similar pattern was designed by design icon, Dorothy Draper and named Brazilliance. Her wallpaper is equally as popular in the wall covering world and it famously hangs in the Greenbrier Resort.

I realise it is a big, possibly pricey, commitment to wallpaper these pretty palms on my walls....I am actually not even sure of a wall they would work on? Until I decide, I'll have to contain my fever by continuing to look at all the pretty palm interiors HERE.

And just when I thought there would be no cure....I have found this perfect little martinique inspired cushion on Etsy. This could be the answer to my jungle fever.


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