Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Now that the walls are all the perfect shade of grey, It is time to focus on what will hang on the walls.

I have be debating over whether to hang a mirror or frames in the dining room. I want something that will make an impact and create a focal point.

However, I'm pretty certain that I want a starburst mirror (which I have been endlessly hunting for, with no luck) above the sofa so I think another mirror in the dining room would be just too close - so, I guess frames it will be!

Now, as for frames, what frames and what configeration? Then should they be black or white? And once that is decided what prints do I want in the frames? Decisions, decisions....

I went back to my past blog, Picture Perfect for some inspiration. I've decided I really like symmetry. I think nine square frames, three across and three down, so it makes one large square is what I will do. 

I love the white frames but I am going with black. I found perfect, affordable, square frames at Ikea

I measured the frames and the distance I wanted in-between each frame and marked the outline of all the frames with masking tape. This was great as I was able to see if I really liked the look of nine frames in the space - I did!

Because our walls are brick, I can't just hammer a nail into the wall, so I had to call upon my good friends husband, who is a tradie, to drill the holes for me. He did it in just a few minutes, it really helps having all the right tools - extremely handy having him so close by!

And here they are all hanging in the dining room....

Now, I just have to find the perfect photos or prints for the frames...more decisions! 


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