Sunday, 22 September 2013


Here we go.....we are crossing over to the dark side.

The boring beige is going to disappear and be replaced with a beautiful, bold, grey and contrasted with bright white trims - so excited!

After a few hours at Bunnings, deliberating over at least 50 the shades of grey, I narrowed it down and brought a few Dulux sample pots to try out. 

Western Myall, Teahouse, Domino and Grey Pail - don't you just love the names?  I always wonder who's job it is to come up with the names.

On the wall they went. We ruled out Grey Pail, far too light.  Domino was a bit too dark for all the walls, it would be better used as a feature wall. So it was down to Western Myall and Teahouse......We decided on Western Myall  It was more dramatic and moody than Teahouse and we did want something different, a statement grey. This had just the right amount of drama and it would make the gloss white trims really stand out.

All the furniture was moved out or covered and the door handles came off and I left the painters for a few hours to do their magic.....

And WOW!!!! In just a few short hours my house had been transformed! And this was only the first coat, not even close to be finished! My house already looked so different! A change of colour had totally changed the look! It looked so crisp and fresh - it looked alive!

I absolutely love it! It honestly looks like a different house! It has such a designer edge now. It is not boring beige, it has a glamourous, moody feel, yet it doesn't seem dark and drab - it actually seems  so much brighter and more crisp and fresh than the light beige walls!

Definitely the perfect shade of grey.....


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