Wednesday, 25 September 2013


When the previous owners left the house, they took their wall mounted TVs and brackets leaving some big holes in the walls. However, they had installed an amazing surround sound system, including outdoor speakers, which was ours as part of the purchase price! 

As everything was already wired up through all the walls and ceiling, the easiest idea was to buy a new TV and bracket for the living room, use our current TV for the bedroom and have it connected up again.

I called the guys who had set up the system originally, Konnect Me Now, and had them talk me through anything I may need to purchase in order for the system to work. We ended up buying a few extras, a blu-ray player, apple TV and skype camera and bought a Samsung smart TV. 

We figured since the system was such a high quality system, we may as well utilise it and make it work to it's advantage with new quality equipment. 

I opted for a swivel bracket, unlike the previous owners who had a fixed. I can pull it out and tilt it towards the kitchen - just in case I'm ever stuck in there cooking! Better yet, I can face it towards the bi-fold doors onto the deck. This way, when I'm lounging out in the sun, I can catch up on some trashy  reality TV. 

I may have told DRM it would be great for the summer when he's out there with the boys, watching sport with a beer - sold!

After hours of drilling, wiring and tuning, we now have an sound system installed! And the sound is amazing! It even has the ability to have the outdoor speaker playing something different to the inside television or music. 

This was a splurge! But I really do believe some things are worth the splurge and other things are worth saving on - A little like, splurging on a quality handbag that you'll have forever. This wouldn't have been something that we would have spent the money installing but since it was there, we had to use it!

And we are both so glad we splurged because we now have the perfect home entertainment system.


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