Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I just had to share a little bit about the amazing restaurant DRM took me to on the weekend, Ananas.

I am a tough food critic and even tougher on the interiors of venues. 

Being a Melbournian who has worked in hospitality over the years I have a very high standard of food, service and decor. DRM knows this all too well, so he's is always trying to find new and exciting places to take me. Well, he did me proud. I was impressed and that hasn't happen easily in Sydney.

Ananas was gorgeous. From the moment the host greeted us on entry, to when our waiter wished us 'au revoir', everything was just perfect. Our waiters were lovely and the modern French style food was just delicious! (Don't even get me started on the fresh-out-of-the-oven bread!)

Really though, it was the interior that did it for me. I know, I should have been romantically gazing into DRMs eyes, but the fit out was just too beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off the pineapple lamps!

The lighting was just amazing. Pineapple table lamps everywhere and pineapple pendant lamps over the bars - I would love to hunt them down.

I loved all the little bits of interesting, fun decor around the venue. How gorgeous is the perched bird in the window? Notice all the brickwork, Ananas is in a heritage building in The Rocks.

The little pineapples you see on the bar are tiles! Love it!

And these luscious lips are in the mens restrooms. Enough said. DRM came out looking pleased that the mens loos had such "great" interior deign!

Thank you DRM, I had such a wonderful weekend with you.

Oh, and they make the perfect Espresso Martini!

xo VR

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