Thursday, 25 April 2013


Whilst wondering around The Wynn yesterday, I stumbled across some gorgeous shoes. Correction, many gorgeous shoes - I was in Manolo Blahnik!

Turns out textile designer, Madeline Weinrib has teamed up with the iconic shoe label, Monolo Blahnik to bring us some fabulous shoes - a pump, wedge, smoking shoe and sandal.

I always knew fashion and interiors crossed over beautifully, especially when combining two legendary designers - pure genius!

However, as you'll be aware Monolos don't come at a budget price. You'll have to dig deep into your pocket for a pair of these. Prices start from US$595! 

Could this be an investment piece worth considering.....? 

DRM thinks not. I'll save for some fabric instead, a perfect little Madeline Weinrib cushion may just give me the fix I need.


Friday, 19 April 2013


We are at the Wynn Las Vegas and it is truly amazing!
What is more amazing is that Steve Wynn has a home here within the casino complex. Who knows we may just bump into this self made billionaire!
In case you were not aware this billionaire is responsible for the transforming the Las Vegas strip in the nineties with a series of mega resort style casinos; Golden Nugget was one of his early casinos followed by The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas and more recently Encore. 
Steve's, (I'll use his first name to make the experience more personal) residence is a duplex villa on the grounds of the Wynn, overlooking the 18th hole of the golf course. This is one of the resort’s major attractions but it doesn't come cheap to play on, a small $500 a game fee, lets hope you win big on the tables!
 The house reflects a new stage in the mogul’s life. He is divorced. However, he and his ex-wife are still business partners, he also spends a lot of time overseeing a new casino in Macao. He wanted a base, within his corporate headquarters, that was, he says, “clean and simple.”
Clean and simple? A luxurious retreat is what I would call it!

The pool terrace and the private balcony enjoy the amazing view of the magical waterfall which is situated at the 18th hole at the Country Clubs' golf course.

The dramatic staircase has been mirrored to maximise the natural light. It is the link between the master Bedroom - and the to-die-for walk in robe! and the living area on the lower level. The master bedroom with it's glass wall allows Steve to wake up overlooking the golf course and the mountains that surround the city of Las Vegas.

The walls are upholstered in a sapphire blue silk and are used a background for his art collection. He is constantly rotating the art, the only paintings that never move are two Picasso's; Nature Morte aux Tulipes and Le Reve

Le Reve, is the painting Steve Wynn accidentally put his elbow through. Yes, he bought it in 1997 for US$48.4 million and was in the process of selling it for, wait for it. US$139 million! 

He was showing some guests the painting and was talking about the history of it and made a gesture with his arm and his elbow hit the picture and made a two-inch tear. His response "I can't believe I just did that. Oh shit. Oh man."

The deal was void and the painting repaired. He took it as a sign of fate to hold on to the painting and the incident has been nicknamed 'the forty million dollar elbow'.

I know that story makes me feel better about breaking a crystal wine glass!

Now I am off to enjoy what Steve has created in this magically wonderland that he simply calls Wynn.



Thursday, 18 April 2013


Finally at the airport.

Everything is all sorted. Everything is packed and in storage. After our long and busy week, DRM and I are ready for our holiday!

Almost ready to board. Surprisingly, I'm not even anxious about the 14 hour flight, I'm looking forward to the movies and hopefully some sleep.

Now, if my post layouts are a little funny, it's because I'm not quite sure how to do everything on the iPad. Normally it's done from the iMac!

Anyhow, I'll keep you posted with lots of images from the amazing hotels!

We are boarding! Time to go!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Today is my last day in the G-Gong.

Mixed emotions.

I'm a little sad because I was slowly, ok very slowly, starting to adjust to this country life. At the same time I am so excited to be moving to Sydney, back to a busy lifestyle with lots to do and see! A new city to explore.

I have learnt a lot about myself living here. I think it's actually been good for my health to slow down. I can say I even learnt to cook (a little) without having a huge selection of Melbourne restaurants at my fingertips!

It's a good time to leave, summer is over, daylight savings has finished, the nights now come early and beach walks aren't always possible with the rain. It gets a little lonely being isolated and stuck inside through the winter.

I'll be leaving the G-Gong on a positive vibe. I had a great summer here with lots of family and friends coming up to stay - dinner parties, beach days, board games and late nights on the deck with a bottle (or two) of wine.

I have good memories and I'm now ready to move to a new city for new adventures, new memories and of course create a perfect new home for DRM and I.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Well, it's almost time to say goodbye to the G-Gong.

After many hours of sorting, eBaying and charity runs, the final box was sealed this morning - thank goodness for that, because I don't think I had another packing day left in me!

Grace Removals arrived at 8am with a massive container truck. After a few hours of the guys packing all the boxes into the truck, they announced that it all wasn't going to fit!!!

Let me just say, the container on the truck was massive! When I first saw it, I didn't even think our stuff would half fill it! Would you believe they had to go and get another truck! And what do you think didn't make it into the first container?

All my clothes!

I had the majority (I have a lot of clothes!!!) all hanging on several shop-type-racks, all wrapped up in plastic - and they didn't fit! I am having slight palpitations that they'll be what goes missing in transit! I gave the guys strict instructions to keep a close eye on them! I'm not certain they really understood the importance of my requests! I'm sure they just thought I was another crazy wardrobe-obsessed girl!

Next to make me sweat a little was the thought - how will I fit that container load of stuff into our new apartment??? I don't want to think about that right now - so I won't.

I am now checked-in to the local Gerringong hotel, we are officially homeless until we return from the US in a few weeks. (Please let settlement day be easy) Until then, bring on hotel living I say, because after all the packing, cleaning and stress that comes with moving house, I have never wanted a holiday so much! I cannot wait to not have to clean, wash, mop or do any household chores for a few weeks....then it will all begin again with the unpacking!

I am absolutely exhausted, so I'm off to run myself a bath and relax on what will be my last night in the G-Gong.


Sunday, 14 April 2013


Here is a sneak peak at the mood board I have made for our new home.

You can obviously see some Hollywood Regency coming though. A few images are from some of my favourite designers, Kelly Wearstler, Greg Natale and Atmosphere Interior Design. 

I never thought I was a green girl, I have always been classic black and white but I have been looking at this colour scheme for quite a while now, and surprising I still love it - in fact I think I love it more and more and I continue to add more images to my file.

I have to wait a few more weeks before I can get into the apartment and really put this vision into action. It is all very exciting and I honestly cannot wait to begin this project and create my perfect dream house!


Saturday, 13 April 2013


I am so over packing. Our holiday next week could not come at a more perfect time.

When we first bought the house, I thought the holiday we had planned was such bad timing. I really just wanted to get into our new house and start decorating. Seriously though, after weeks of packing, the last thing I would want to do now is unpack!

As I have been packing, I have been daydreaming about relaxing in a hotel. Actually, the Wynn Hotel in Vegas, the hotel we have booked for our stay - absolutely amazing, I tell you! There will be several blogs from Vegas very soon!

I have also been dreaming about our new home and I've been creating a mood board. I have been getting lots of inspiration from luxury hotels (seriously hotels are on my mind). One in particular, the Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica. 

As you all know, I had decided to add the colour green to our new home, so I googled and searched Pinterest. I found tones of images for black, white, grey and green interiors. A few images really stood out when I went back to look at them all. Then I found out that several of the images were from the same location - the Viceroy Hotel. So, I wasn't really surprised when the interior designer turned out to be one of my favourites, none other than the Queen of Hollywood Regency style, Kelly Wearstler - seriously can she do no wrong?

You absolutely must look at this hotel. 

I love the use of all the green and white framed mirrors at the check-in desk.

Where do I even start with this image? The beautiful emerald sofa, the statement rug or the mirrored ceiling. My brain is going into overdrive with ideas and inspiration!

Could the bathroom be any more amazing? Look at those tiles! And the floor! I do love a black and white checked floor! Love this room to bits!!! 

The pool, this I can only dream about having....

To wake up to that view everyday..... And I really want those green chairs! 

What an amazing use of green. It just screams luxury, doesn't it? I want my house to feel like a hotel. I want to walk in the front door and feel like I am on a holiday.....

Now I just have to figure out how to create a perfect hotel feel without a five-star budget! Until then, I'll  just get back to reality - packing boxes.


Friday, 12 April 2013

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I just had to share a little bit about the amazing restaurant DRM took me to on the weekend, Ananas.

I am a tough food critic and even tougher on the interiors of venues. 

Being a Melbournian who has worked in hospitality over the years I have a very high standard of food, service and decor. DRM knows this all too well, so he's is always trying to find new and exciting places to take me. Well, he did me proud. I was impressed and that hasn't happen easily in Sydney.

Ananas was gorgeous. From the moment the host greeted us on entry, to when our waiter wished us 'au revoir', everything was just perfect. Our waiters were lovely and the modern French style food was just delicious! (Don't even get me started on the fresh-out-of-the-oven bread!)

Really though, it was the interior that did it for me. I know, I should have been romantically gazing into DRMs eyes, but the fit out was just too beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off the pineapple lamps!

The lighting was just amazing. Pineapple table lamps everywhere and pineapple pendant lamps over the bars - I would love to hunt them down.

I loved all the little bits of interesting, fun decor around the venue. How gorgeous is the perched bird in the window? Notice all the brickwork, Ananas is in a heritage building in The Rocks.

The little pineapples you see on the bar are tiles! Love it!

And these luscious lips are in the mens restrooms. Enough said. DRM came out looking pleased that the mens loos had such "great" interior deign!

Thank you DRM, I had such a wonderful weekend with you.

Oh, and they make the perfect Espresso Martini!

xo VR

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Remember my High Contrast post I did last month?

Well, I got my chair back from the upholsterers. It is one, bold, striped chair! I love it though! 

They did an amazing job. I'm so glad I asked for all the studs. They add a touch of glam, don't you think?

The legs are timber but I may end up painting them white to make the chair 'pop' even more. If that doesn't work, there is always my go-to colour, black.

I know I can make it look amazing in our new home. I'm still thinking about where to put it, but I think it will be the office. I want a glossy white or black desk. I'm still deciding on the wall finishing. However, it is quite a small space, so I may have to decide next month when we move in! Super excited! 

The perfect striped chair for my perfect dream office!


Monday, 8 April 2013


No Chintz is an amazing little fabric store I stumbled upon last weekend in Balmain, conveniently located next to what will soon be my new suburb!

After some googling, as it turns out it is a not-so-little store. There are three stores located in Sydney, for those of you who don't live in Sydney they also have an online shop. They know of every fabric house and fabric designer and can source anything from anywhere in the world - amazing and so close to my new home!

They stock a range of individual and small production runs of interesting soft furnishings, many of which have been designed for us by young local designers such as Megan Park. Additionally, they have great contacts in making lampshades and quilted fabrics.

Would you believe they also do workshops! There is variety of them throughout the year, from making your own piped cushions to covered pin boards. I'll be enrolling myself into one of these classes for sure - too much fun! Click HERE for dates and pricing.

The selection of fabrics is massive and they can custom make or advise you on anything! The staff are truly amazing and really know there stuff. On top of that, they are super friendly, all smiles and eager to help you create your perfect dream space using their wonderful fabrics.

Now to choose my perfect fabrics to create my perfect dream home.



Sunday, 7 April 2013


After spending the weekend sipping on cocktails at a hotel bar, I have home bars on my mind.

Our new home has a bar built in already, with wine cabinets and a wine fridge! Although it needs a major revamp - it has a neon blue, light-up, glass panel....eekkk! That can easily be fixed with a smoke-anitique-like mirror.

Anyway, not all homes have a bar, this may is a good thing, it is a very 80s look. But what about a drinks trolley?

Small and compact. It can be placed almost anywhere and it's movable! Search vintage stores or eBay for a trolley that will suit your home. Remember paint works a treat in giving a trolley an inexpensive make-over. To complete the look, visit your local charity stores and markets for crystal decanters and statement glassware.

Don't forget to have a bottle of bubbles on hand, so you can pop it open and pour yourself a rewarding glass, after you've created your perfect little cocktail bar!



Friday, 5 April 2013


I am in love with Khloe Kardashian's home office. Ok, so it maybe it is going to be hard to achieve this exact look on a budget but you have to admit it is always fun to look into celebrity spaces!

Khloe hired LA based designer, Jeff Andrews to create the spaces in her home. Jeff also is responsible for the home of her momonger, Kris Jenner.

I feel in love with that gorgeous, chevron, covered chair! I must hunt down the fabric, although I am slightly scared because I'm sure the price tag is not budget friendly! However, there will always be something more affordable out there for me.

I love the mirrored desk. Tell me this though, where are all the cords hidden? 

Maybe I can't have the office of a celebrity, but I can sure take some ideas and inspiration and create a look that is glamorous yet traditional for my perfect home office.