Saturday, 23 March 2013


There is something about spending a weekend morning at a market.

As a child I remember getting up early and driving with my family, at my mum's request, to a market, local and country. As a child it was a fun day out and I would usually come home with what I believed to be a treasure - someone else's trash.

As a teenage, I couldn't think of a worse way than to be dragged to a market with the family.

Fast forward another 10, ok, at least 15, probably correct to say 20 years, do we really want to be  that accurate? And I love nothing more than waking up and heading to a market. I can see I am turning into my mother as the years go by (not a bad thing Mum).

There is something fun yet calming about wondering through the crowds of people, browsing all the stalls of a persons unwanted belongings, eating a homemade pastie or sausage from the sausage sizzle stall.

I love coming home with a bunch of fresh flowers, the locally grown fresh produce and maybe a bargain book. However, nothing beats a bargain find. My weakness is a crystal decanter. I have a small collection and I have found some beauty's at markets for crazy prices! 

Even if I come home empty handed, there is something lovely about the morning fresh air and aromas of a market. 

Nothing beats a weekend wondering around a market with my perfect Mum - except maybe finding that perfect crystal decanter before my Mum! 


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