Sunday, 3 March 2013


This is what $25 million will buy me in Sydney.

Yes folks, you heard right, $25 million. Now, I know I said I was looking at property, let me make this clear, this is not one of the properties that I am looking at, nope I didn't win the lotto and it is not even a tinnie, tiny bit close to properties I am viewing. 

I just happened to google Sydney's best areas/properties and this came up and I just had to share. This article was featured in Domain a few years ago.

Take a look and dream how the other half live, right now I've got to get back to my shoebox, whoops I mean house hunting.

Ocean Road or Florida road, take your pick, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia
Wow, the agents have spared no expense on copy writers for this one, lots of words, big fancy ones too.  Just about every real estate cliché you have ever heard and never needed to hear again.
Just because the place probably lives up to most of them is completely beside the point.
The estate is so big it has access from two separate streets, and not like the dinky streets and dodgy back lanes of Paddo either.
We begin with the agent's assertion that Kalua is "unquestionably the most significant and coveted landholding in exclusive Palm Beach".
"It is a beachfront sanctuary of international stature beyond compare," says the ad.
It was even called "the jewel in the crown of the northern beaches summer playground" by Domain's very own Margie Blok.
With an asking price of more than $25 million and a weekly rental bill of up to $40,000 over past few summers, we're inclined to agree.
You've also got phrases like "protected cul-de-sac ", "the prestigious southern end of the beachfront", the place is "nestled among the lush vegetation" and located in a "historic" location.
The new owners will find themselves unable to resist "gazing over the azure waters of the Pacific" once they are ensconced in this plantation-style beach shack. They will also be "secluded amid magnificent sprawling grounds".
This has been the location of many an international superstar's holiday romp. We're not sure if you want to risk the likes of media baron James Murdoch and actors Nicole Kidman and John Cleese turning up unannounced on your doorstep.
They are sure to arrive at the height of summer with entourage, children, nannies and a hair stylist in tow, demanding cocktails and Swedish massage.
With six bedrooms and bathrooms, the pool, tennis court, putting green, huge lawns and lush gardens, a life-sized children's playhouse, cabana and caretakers cottage, we're a little envious of the obscenely rich folk who will take up residence.

I am still trying to get my head around the fact that some brick, a little wood and a tiled ceiling could cost me $25 million - although sounds like I would make some celebrity A-lister friends?



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