Sunday, 17 March 2013


St Patrick's Day has me thinking about the road trip to Ireland that DRM took me on last June. 

It was my first time to Ireland. Yes, to meet his big Irish Catholic family! We took a road trip around the gorgeous country, which is so rich in history.

My one request was to stay in a castle (we don't have castles in Australia!) DRM being the most wonderful man he is, spoilt me rotten and we were lucky enough to stay in two - Ashford Castle and Adare Manor. Breathtaking - I really did feel a bit Kate Middleton!


What is most amazing about this country, along with many European countries, is the history and the architecture. Walking through these castles and the surrounding villages you are transported back in time and you find yourself imagining what it would have been like to live there hundreds of years ago. The people that would have been walking the halls of these marvellous man-made structures, the day to day lives of the people living in the small towns with the narrow streets - never planning for the need of wide roads to accommodate the traffic of today.

The colour green. 40 shades of green as the Irish like to refer to their landscape. I swear that you never see green like you do in Ireland. As we drove on the narrow, windy roads we were surrounded by green and with each turn around a new bend, I saw a new shade of the lush colour.

Ireland is so rich in history. This small island has something amazing to see around every corner. Apart from the architecture, it really is the people that make this country so special. The Irish are the most friendliest, welcoming people I have ever met. Every single person we met had all the time in the world for us. They all wanted to share their knowledge of their town, their history and their life stories. Each was eager to ensure we had the most wonderful stay.

If you haven't been to Ireland it should be on your list. You will be warmly welcomed with a "wee Guinness" at every stop on your road trip. Daley's House in Doolin was by far the best B&B we stayed in. Warmly welcomed on arrival with a Baileys by Susan Daley. The tiny village of Doolin was an amazing place to experience the local music scene and really experience the Ireland life.

I have a love affair with Ireland and fortunately for me, I will be able to visit to beautiful country with DRM for the rest of my life. 

Have a perfect St Patrick's day everyone - I'm off to the store for ingredients to make an Irish stew for my Irishman tonight!


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