Monday, 11 March 2013


Today I am introducing you to Fab Outdoor Fabrics.

Yesterday I showed you Christopher Farr fabrics and as beautiful and amazing as they are, they are also at the higher price point on the scale, especially once you take into account the exchange rate and shipping costs all the way from the UK to Oz.

But don't get too sad yet because Fab Outdoor Fabrics is an Australian company and has a HUGE selection of fabrics. They do outdoor fabrics which is great for us Aussies who spend so much time outside in the sun. The outdoor fabrics can still be used indoors, really they are 'performance fabrics' because they can be used anywhere. The fabrics are coated with protection, not just on the outside but on every fibre! Amazing if you have little ones!

They will custom make scatter cushions and covers for your outdoor seats and chairs. Click HERE for info and pricing.

And the best bit - $10 freight to anywhere in Australia! Love a bargain! 

Seriously so many to choose from - over 700 designs! Take a look at just a few stand out prints I love!

I must step away from the computer now. I must not add anymore fabric to my cart. Enough damage done. I must go and plan my perfect outdoor space before I purchase more perfect fab outdoor fabrics


Let me know if you find any amazing fabrics for your home!



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