Friday, 29 March 2013


I'm off to Melbourne today to spend Easter weekend with my family. DRM will be heading up to Sydney to spend Easter with his family.

I guess that happens in relationships sometimes, doesn't it? You have to spend holidays apart or you have to compromise. I figured, I was away in Ireland with his wonderful family for Christmas so I really am having withdrawals from my big, crazy, family get-togethers. DRM has family coming home from overseas for the holidays so he really wants to be there with them to celebrate in their traditional way. So we agreed to spend it apart. 

How do you spend your Easter? 

Ours is normally spent at my parents, out in the garden. We have a big lunch and always have an Easter egg hunt. It doesn't seem to matter how old we all get, we still love the family games and we always loved decorating eggs and the egg and spoon race! 

I'm about to board the plane so I'll leave you with some Easter decorating inspiration!

Have a perfect happy Easter everyone.



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