Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Isn't doing laundry such a fun activity? 

I am kidding. It is not fun, that is why it is called a chore. Most of us spend more time than we'd like doing laundry. If you have kids, multiply laundry time by a hundred! Yet, when it comes to the laundry room, it is often a boring, messy, neglected area of the home. 

The laundry room is actually the perfect place to take risks because it is the least likely to be seen by guests. So why not choose a style that you love. You spend all the time in there, right? Why not try a bold wall colour or a fun wacky wallpaper? Just do it, take a risk. Make it your space and have some fun with this practical space.

Here are a few images to get you inspired. Tomorrow I'll give you some "How To" tips.



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