Thursday, 7 March 2013


Bring all of your beautiful photos out of those dusty albums and fill an empty wall with a medley of photographs so you can appreciate them every single day.

There is something so wonderful about arranging frames into a perfectly masterminded yet eclectic cluster. While the final look appears effortless and uncalculated, there is actually a complicated method to this madness. Creating a wall gallery is not as easy as banging some nails into the wall. And for this reason I have put together a guide to help you create a wall collage to perfection!


Find an open wall and decide on what you are going to hang. 

Will it be only photographs or will there be art and objects? Will the photos be coloured or black and white? Will the frames be the same or will there be an eclectic mix of colours and finishes? 


Create an impact.

Groupings of photos look best when frames are spaced tightly together, about 3cm to 5cm apart. Smaller frames have much more impact when they are arranged together this way.



Oversized frames in straight lines create a pleasant yet striking style. If you like symmetry this could be for you. If you decide to opt for straight look, using a piece of string stretched between two pins  both horizontally and vertically will aid as a guide and just make sure you use a level to make sure it's straight!


Shapes and colours.

Create a personal gallery by displaying frames of varying shape and size. If you already have a load of frames and don't want to spend a fortune by going out and buying more, simply paint them in a uniform colour that will suit the decor of your home.


Mess it up.

Everything doesn't have to match to look amazing. Since most family photos are an eclectic mix of sizes, colours and ages try and choose frames with a theme. For example woods to create an earthy or provincial style. It is best to then stick to one colour for the matting. Vary the sizes of the frames and the mat width to create interest. 


Create an Impact.

Black and white will not only create an impact but will unite all photos of any age and size. Mixing the same medium is usually the easiest way to create a photo gallery.


Lean it on a ledge.

If you are a photo junkie (hello Mum!) creating a ledge gives you freedom to change the display constantly and display multiple photos at once. You can lean the photos on the wall and overlap them. This way you have loads of special memories without a billion nail holes!


Personalise it.

Displaying not only photos but mementos or artworks or focusing on a hobby or subject creates a little memory gallery.

Test it out.

Plan the layout of your frames before  nailing a million holes into your walls. A good way to do this is the cut brown craft paper to the various sizes of the frames you are going to use. This way you will be able to visualise it on the wall. Ensure your frame arrangement is horizontally centered on your wall space to create balance. This is the time to move things around until it looks just right!

Once you have it all looking just right you can start nailing!

If you make a few mistakes don't worry, it can be easily fixed with a bit of putty and paint! Otherwise you just go eclectic and can hang a frame over it! 

And there you have it, now you can create your very own perfect gallery wall!


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