Thursday, 14 March 2013


I have spent the last three days packing! 

You never realise how much you have until you have to pack it all up into boxes - not fun. I will not complain though. I want to move into our new house immediately!

Settlement isn't until April. Settlement is actually four days after we leave for America for a two week trip. Why do major events always fall at the same time? I am trying to bring settlement forward, without success. 

I am packing early so I can try and sell a lot of big bulky furniture items on eBay, we will be down-sizing from a big beach house to a smaller city apartment - lots of items need to go. I figure if I sell a lot of the furniture that won't fit I can buy new furniture with the money (please DRM?).

Here are a few tips  from Readers Digest to help you if you ever move house.

1. Start packing a few weeks ahead and pack several boxes a day, if you can, remembering to only pack items you won’t need in the interim. 

2. Pack the objects you rarely use (a formal dinner service, books, trinkets, clothing that’s out of season), and two days before you leave, pack all the things you’ll need on a day-to-day basis into suitcases.

3. Number each box and note its exact contents as well as the room it’s destined for in your new home (kitchen, main bedroom, etc.). Make a full list of the numbers and contents of the boxes, which will allow you to quickly check that everything has arrived safely. 

4. De-clutter while you pack. It’s preferable to give things away or throw them out before you move – take the opportunity to give away clothes you’re not likely to wear again. And consider throwing out anything you haven’t worn for more than a year.

5. Protect fragile objects by first putting a 3-cm layer of bubble wrap and soft material in the bottom of the box, then put all the heavier items in the bottom of the box before filling it up and sealing it properly. Separate objects from each other using extra layers of padding and pack up all the empty spaces. 

6. Use white butcher’s paper, not newspaper, to wrap items: the print comes off on everything and you’ll have to wash all your things after you unpack them. 

7. Protect crockery and ceramic items by wrapping them in old, clean tea towels or worn bath towels. 

8. Mark the top and bottom of each box clearly, so that the removalist knows which way is up (and so will you when you come to unpack everything). 

9. Don’t overfill packing boxes, as it’s better to move more boxes that are easy to handle, than to struggle with a few that are too heavy and risk unnecessary breakages.

10. Packing boxes might seem like a straightforward job, but there’s an art to it. Take the time to do it properly and you’ll save an awful lot of time on unpacking. 

Hope this helps if you are planning on moving. Any moving/packing tips for me? 

Time for me to get back to packing - I think I need another coffee first! 



  1. That's a good idea to sell belongings before moving that you doesn't want yet .

  2. I agree that it’s better to have more boxes than overfilling the boxes that may cause what’s inside it to break when it’s too heavy to carry. Sometimes movers are not as careful as they should be, so it’s better to be one step ahead.

    Clay Delgado

  3. “You never realise how much you have until you have to pack it all up into boxes” – This is so true! Some homeowners get surprise when they pack all their things at home and find out how much they have. At this point is where you need your packing skill. You have to find ways on how you’re going to pack them all into the storage boxes that you have. As what Clay said, you have to make sure that the box is not too heavy to carry, so the stuff inside it will not break or get damaged. Careful handling and proper arrangement are the keys here!

  4. Packing things when you are moving house is a good opportunity for you to declutter. It is wise to do so, because you don't want to bring the things that you don't want to use and need anymore. Like you've said, you are moving into a smaller place, means smaller space for your stuff, also to lessen your load on the way to the new apartment. These tips are great. Thanks for re-posting! Have a great time in the new place.

    Thelma Bowman @Quality Strapping Systems

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  7. Clean your stove before you move out.The day before your move, defrost the fridge.


  8. Keep track of all of your belongings by numbering the boxes. If, when you get to your new home, you are missing a number, you’ll know that it was lost in the move and you will be able to find it quickly.


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