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No one really likes laundry day, do they?

Hopefully after looking at yesterdays, beautiful laundry rooms in my Dirty Laundry post, you will now feel inspired to create an organised and efficient space that will be a pleasure to be in. Ok, pleasure may be pushing it, so I'll rephrase....that will make your laundry day a lot easier. 

Here are 10 tips to help get you started. 

1. Create a laundry schedule.
Think about the best time for you to do the laundry because unless you live in a small household, you probably don't have enough time to do it all from start to finish in one go.

So, you could schedule the laundry into 'type'.  Schedule loads of laundry (type) throughout the week. You might want to wash sheets on Monday so you can clean the bedrooms. Then do the towels on Tuesday, darks on Wednesday, and so on. This system works well for allowing you to be completely done with laundry by the weekend... a laundry free weekend!

If the thought of doing laundry five days out of seven is too much to bare, here's another option for breaking your laundry chores into smaller tasks. 

Laundry is often accomplished whilst your doing other chores or if you're lucky, watching a little television. I'm the queen of multi-tasking so I am doing a million things at once (not always a good idea but mostly it works) 

Is the television on? Commercial? Then take five minutes to sort laundry into white, light, and dark loads. 

Ready to do a load of clothes? Plan for 25-35 minutes per wash load, enough time to unload the dishwasher and sweep the kitchen floor. Allow 30-50 minutes per dryer load. This is enough time to remake the beds. 

Cooking dinner? Waiting for something baking in the oven? Take five to 10 minutes to fold or hang laundry.

2. Sorting laundry. 
Make sorting easier on yourself by setting up a laundry cart on wheels. Ideally, keep the cart near the bedroom or bathroom so you and the kids can toss dirty clothes  into the appropriate bags; whites, darks, and delicates.

Remember to sort carefully before tossing into the washer as you want to avoid ruining clothing. New clothing can bleed and stain other clothing, I'm not sure about you but I have many a white shirt turn pink! Wash new coloured clothing, especially red, by itself the first time!

3. Make some money and avoid a breakdown.
Empty pockets before washing garments to save items and prevent damage to your washing machine and dryer. Coins can get stuck and ruin your machines - best bit, you usually make a few dollars.

4. Organising with open shelving, baskets and boxes.
Stash overflowing laundry baskets into open shelves. They'll look neater, and the air circulation will help prevent mildew and odor problems.

Now using matching baskets to organise laundry room bits and pieces will create a pretty streamline look. Removable cloth liners protect the baskets from spills and can be washed to keep them looking nice and clean.  Boxes are a great idea for a cheap, yet practical storage solution. Label the boxes so you can find what you need without lifting a lid.

5. Open shelving.
Plastic-coated wire shelving from Howards Storage World puts wall space to good use and all your necessities are in open view for easy access. The clothing rod is perfectly positioned for drip-dry items.

6. Hang some hooks.
Air drying racks can take up lots of space. You can increase the convenience factor of your laundry room by adding some coat hooks. If you hang items as they come out of the dryer, you minimise wrinkling and the clothes can go straight to the closet.

7. Add a folding and utility station.
Folding items as they come from the dryer saves precious minutes and can help minimise wrinkles, saving you the time you'd spend ironing. 

To give yourself some extra work space, build a central table or better yet, buy a little table from a store such as, IKEA and paint it in a fun colour. This is not only a great table for sorting laundry it is perfect for cutting flowers and other hold hold chores. 

8. Delegate laundry chores.
Delegate chores to children based on their ages. Most preschoolers can put away clothes that have been washed, dried, and folded. Primary schoolers can fold and put away their own clean clothes. High-school kids can handle all the responsibilities related to their own laundry. (So can significant others.) For older children and all adults living in the household, divide laundry by person. Simply assign each person his or her own hamper. When the hamper is full, or that person is out of clean clothes, a load is washed, dried, folded, and put away. Sounds to easy, right? 

9. Clear jars and canisters.
Giant, economy-size boxes of laundry powder and detergents save you money. However, pulling out the massive box every time you wash clothes can be a chore in itself! Find some nice clear jars or canisters that are of a manageable size. You can keep those on your open shelves or in an easy accessible place for daily use. Keep the large money-saving boxes hidden in the garage or cupboard. They look much prettier, and a prettier laundry room is much nicer to be in and they are easier to handle.

10. Brighten walls with wallpaper and paint.
Warm the walls with a coat of paint or some some wallpaper. Paint is more affordable, and will instantly give your room a new lease on life. Choose a wall treatment that you love. You will be spending more time in there than anyone else, so make it yours. The laundry room is the the perfect place to experiment with colour as guests rarely walk into the laundry!

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through laundry day.

Now, do you still need some inspiration? I am going to show you a Blogger's real life laundry room make-over. Debbie from Me and my DIY has created a dream laundry room, and I do not say dream, light heartedly, this is just brilliant! I honestly cannot believe the before and after photos. If Debbie can do this, there is hope for us all, yet.

Seriously, click HERE to see this amazing Laundry room make-over. 

Then you can start on creating your perfect laundry room - maid not included. 



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