Monday, 11 February 2013


Today I am continuing the huge mission of organising my wardrobe - and I am second guessing why I have caused myself this pain?

When it was in the closet (as messy as it may have been) it was out of sight. Now it is all, well almost all, in the spare room. Shoes line the floor, next to the piles of bags which are next to piles of jeans, knits, tees, sports clothes and dresses hang from any make-do hook I can find; door handles, window sills, wardrobe doors, it is not a pretty sight!

It is a little overwhelming and I really just want to close that door but I won't. I will take inspiration from the celebs and create a dressing room that I can walk in and see all my beautiful printed dresses, leather bags and sheer silk blouses and I will have them lined up hanging beautifully for me to wear once again.


As I sigh at that daydream, big sigh, I am secretly wishing I can turn myself into Elizabeth Montgomery and twitch my nose and the room is perfectly clean and organised. Not going to happen I know, so here are 10 tips to help you (and me) turn our wardrobe a little bit 'celeb style'.

1. So first thing first you have to clear it all out. Yes all of it! You need to sort it into piles; Keep, Repair, eBay, Donate, Toss. 

This is hard because if you are like me, you want to keep it 'for when I loose a dress size' or 'just incase I ever go to a dress up ball'. No, be firm with yourself, if it doesn't fit let it go, if it makes you look fat, toss it, if you haven't worn it in a year, part with it. (Some people have the six month rule, I need at least a year).

2. Now that it is empty and clean, stop for a moment a take at look at the space. 

Obviously the majority of us are not going to have the 'celeb style' space. Most of their wardrobes are bigger than our bedrooms or possibly our homes! Even if your closet is tiny you can still take inspiration from their spaces. You may need to take a trip to IKEA or Howards Storage World for some racks, drawers and baskets.

If your wardrobe is only big enough for one seasons worth of clothes, put aside your 'off season' clothes to store elsewhere. Plastic under-the-bed storage containers are great for this or if you have garage space a portable covered wardrobe is a good option.

3. Add a full length mirror or two.

It is an absolute necessity to have a mirror to try on your outfits and see how they look. If you have a walk-in wardrobe add a full length free standing mirror if not you can change your doors to mirrored ones or simply add a mirror to the inside of your doors - a mirror on each door is a great way to see the back of yourself.

4. Match your hangers.

A super quick and affordable way to spiffy up your wardrobe is to have all the same hangers. Banish  ugly wire hangers, you can give them to charity shops or your dry cleaner will be happy to take them from you. Wooden hangers are gorgeous but if your short on space go with plastic hangers as you can fit more in. 

I had gorgeous white wooden hangers but I had to switch over to plastic white hangers as the wooden just took up too much room - maybe one day I can get them back when DRM builds me a 'Carrie Bradshaw style' closet?

5.  Colour co-ordinate and arrange your clothes by type.

This will keep your wardrobe looking clean and tidy. Sort all your clothes from the lightest to the darkest. If your wardrobe is divided into different sections sort your clothes first by type; dresses, shirts, pant, then colour co-ordinate. 

6. Organise your accessories.

Sort all your accessories; scarves, belts, jewellery, sunglasses, into piles. If you have a spare draw it is a great idea to buy some dividers and sort your little bits and pieces that way. Scarves and belts hang well so adding some coat hooks to the back of a door is a great way to store those. Depending on the space you have left in your wardrobe baskets or plastic containers are a great way to store these pieces too, just remember to label each of the baskets so the scarves stay in the scarf department!

7. Now for some Celeb styling,  glam up your lighting.

I'm going to make an assumption here, most of you probably have a bulb light or a boring ceiling fixture light? 

If you have a walk-in replace that boring bulb with a small chandelier or a drum pendant, It will make such a difference and add a bit of 'hollywood glam' to your space. 

8. Add a luxe bold rug.

Not only will this keep the dust at bay (if you remember to vacuum!) It will feel luxurious on your feet as you get dressed and undressed each day. You can choose something a bit more daring and fun as you'll more than likely only need a small rug. 

9. Painting or wallpapering your wardrobe walls.

You can have some fun with the colour of your closet. Try painting the inside with an impractical colour that you've always loved, such as pink or turquoise or you could really jazz things up by  using  a fun graphic wallpaper. Even the tiniest closet will give you a delightful surprise when you swing open the doors everyday! 

10. A place to rest.

I love nothing more than a place to sit and rest while deciding what I should wear. A comfy chair for me to place my bottom while I slip my foot into my (let me dream for just a moment) Christian Louboutins, ok Tony Biancos. A beautifully upholstered armchair adds a glamorous feeling and will make any closet space a touch more 'celeb'.

My 10 tips have actually helped me get motivated to finish organising my wardrobe so I am off to create my perfect 'celeb style' closet!


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