Sunday, 17 February 2013


With my weekend in the beautiful Hunter Valley almost nearing the end I am feeling a lot of country chic inspiration.

Country style interiors have been around for a long time. Sometimes rustic, sometimes kitschy and sometimes a little bit shabby-chic. It seems that this style will never die and why is that? Is it because it takes us back to our roots, reminds us of a childhood holiday, a long Sunday drive? Do our senses bring back memories with the smell of that crisp clean air, the sounds of nature, birds chirping and the sky appearing as a blanket of stars above us when the sun disappears over the hills? 

Whatever the reason, country style is warm and homely, it creates rooms that are lived-in and inviting. Spaces we want to curl up in and read a book while sipping on a glass of pinot. 

Even if you are not into rodeos, line dancing or Billy Ray Cyrus, there are very few people who don't love the idea of a little  country shack surrounded by nature, big gum trees, wide open spaces, rivers and even the sound of a kookaburra in the wee hours.

Step back in time with these beautiful country inspired interiors. 

So whether you want to add a touch of country charm or are going for a full scale country vibe, country styling can add warmth to a house to make it feel more homely.

All these images are the 'country chic' living that I dream of. They almost make you want to pack your bags and move to the country - almost, but right now I'll enjoy my last few hours here and breathe in the country air and dream about my perfect country cottage....


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