Wednesday, 27 February 2013


If you were to ask an interior designer what was one cheap, yet effective way to bring a sense of atmosphere  into a room, they would say a folding screen is high on their list.

Room dividers are a fantastic piece of furniture that can add a touch of glamour to any room. They also are extremely practical and very functional.

Screens are fabulous if you want to break up a large open plan area.  They are also great if you are faced with an odd shaped room, you can play around with the positioning of the screen to create different spaces or moods. What is so wonderful about this is you are not committed to permanent walls which can be expensive or not an option if you're renting.

They really do decorate a room. There are so many amazing designs and these hinged panels can look especially beautiful when upholstered in lush luxurious fabrics or with a mirrored finishes and let us not forget a lacquered exotic asian inspired landscape.

Not only is a screen beautiful visually, it is their practical possibilities for lovely camouflage that I admire. Everybody needs a place to hide things and screens are perfect for doing just that. 

In the bathroom it would be useful for all your toiletries or towels as well as giving your space a feeling of pure indulgence as you dress behind it. The same goes for the bedroom, a place to dress behind or just to hang your clothes - of course they will be going into your newly organised celeb style wardrobe now won't they??? 

There is such a huge amazing collection of these decorative portable pieces out in the world for you to find. Various styles, sizes, colours, finishes, screens to suit any home decor.

A screen can be a delightful addition to any interior and add character to your perfect dream home.


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