Monday, 4 February 2013


How should we welcome our house-guests?

As I prepare for an influx of guests over the next few months, I have to get my spare room in order. I am sure all my overnight guests don't expect a luxury hotel suite (or do they?) but I do so want to be  the best hostess I can be! There are so many small and easy touches to create a welcoming, cozy space to ensure your family and friends have a memorable stay. With a few little finishing touches your spare room will be feeling like a sumptuous hotel, ok, maybe a cozy B&B, anyhow, regardless of it being 5-star or 3-star style it will be memorable!

Firstly, make sure you have the essentials set out; clean bedlinen, fluffy towels, alarm clock and working light bulbs in the lamps. Then you can work on the little luxuries; fresh cut flowers, water and a few yummy chocolates.

A bedside table serves as a main station for guests' belongings. The tables and the lamps that sit on them don't have to match, just try to get a style or colours that compliment each other. Put the essentials out; the alarm clock, water and tissues. Splurge on a softer brand of tissues - your guests won't go through the box like your family. Ensure it has a nice print on the box if you don't have a holder. An iPhone charger is always handy, then they don't have to search for a plug. Lastly, some magazines or books that suit your guests' tastes - it gives them some easy entertainment before going to bed!

Place a carafe near the bed for middle-of-the-night sips. If you don't have one you can just head to your kitchen. Find a tall, narrow glass and a short, wider one. Fill the tall glass with water and place the shorter one on top to keep the dust out and your guests can help themselves throughout the night. This way there is no need for them to stumble around in the dark looking for the kitchen!

A vase of fresh flowers will lighten up any room instantly. Flowers breathe life into a space. Just a few freshly cut stems on the bedside table is guaranteed to do the trick.

Guest will never pack slippers, so they will feel like they are at a luxury hotel if you leave a pair near the bed! I am lucky enough to have a little stash of hotel slippers at my disposal (yes, I always take the hotel amenities!) but if you don't have any you can pick up inexpensive pairs at K-Mart or similar stores for your long term guests.

Indulge your special guests' with some delicious wrapped chocolates, this will put a sweet taste in their mouth - literally!

This is my favourite. I got inspiration from DRM's mum. Every time we go back to Ireland  I notice an increased number of framed photos of DRM placed around the family home. So I am under the impression that when one of her absent children comes home, she pulls out all their photos and pretends they have always been there! 
So my personal spin on the idea is if a close friend is coming, dig up an old photo of the two of you and pop it in a pretty frame and place it on the nightstand.

PLEASE NOTE: Of course I do not do this - I always have my special guests' photos up!


And there you have it, in a just a few simple steps you can create a beautiful place for your guests to retreat to, a perfect guest room. Tomorrow I will have my guest room all ready and set up so I can do the big reveal to any future guests that may stop by!


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