Thursday, 7 February 2013


Abigail Ahern believes decorating can change lives, make us happier and more relaxed. Is this true?

The Times newspaper described her as ‘style spotter extraordinaire’. And with this being, I just knew I had to go to her seminar at Decoration and Design on Wednesday and soak up every word she spoke.

Over the course of an hour, I was taken on a visual kaleidoscopic journey that was dizzyingly, multi layered, idiosyncratic and overall extremely inspirational! Her seminar decodes all you need to know when it comes to decorating with panache and how to make an eclectic style work without looking like a flea market! 

Abigail is on top of the UK's hottest designers list and after yesterday I would say Queen of eclecticism! She is the owner of London store Atelier Abigail Ahern which UK's Elle Decoration magazine voted as one of the coolest places to shop - now on my London hit list. She is also the author of 'A Girl's Guide to Decorating' and her latest book 'Decorating with Style' - which she kindly signed for me! She has without a doubt established her position at the front of the design trail with her unique interpretation of trends, her quirky sense of style and individual and colourful approach to interiors. When it comes to 'decorating Abigail style' throw out the snobby design rules and do it your way. If you want life changing interiors that make your heart beat fast, then read on!

Take at look into Abigail's enchanting London home for a world of inspiration.

The unconventional dark inky grey walls and ceilings merge together into infinity while it is the hues that hold the look together seamlessly keeping the space harmonious and balanced. She has perfectly clustered quirky objects, injected colour and texture and the more she mixes and adds the more exciting the room becomes! It is the colour that makes the space aline. By keeping with the same tones Abigail can create as much friction between the patterns and texture and it will never look 'bonkas' it just looks  extremely cool.

The use of scale and colour surprises the eye - have you ever seen fuchsia look so hot? The space above is instantly cozied up by adding patterned rug bursting with colour, the fuchsia chairs and cushions add texture to the large grey room. The more layers that are added to the more enchanting and tantalising the space becomes.

Abigail is constantly inspired by her global travels. She is continually seeking out antique markets for vintage pieces. This is reflected in her ever-evolving, yet indefinable style. She has a gift that easily allows her to mix different styles and eras, colours and textures and unique objects together - yet it all ties together seamlessly creating a fun, frisky and playful space. Her secret is 'make it personal'. If you respond emotionally to a piece of furniture, an ornament or colour, anything at all, then it can work!

Her unique home shows us that with a little creativity you can turn a 'plain jane' home into something as intriguing as a scene from Alice in wonderland. Bland can becomes brilliant. Mixing (and mis-matching) shabby-chic, industrial and retro alongside dashes of colour creates an eclectic look that is certainly glamourous. Memorable rooms are different and to be different one must take risks.

I'm just loving her quirky sense of style and after an hour with her I just love her even more! She is clearly not afraid to add some fun to her home by placing interesting objects around her home; fists appearing from the the wall, ready to hang your bag and scarf, the chandelier hanging above the claw footed bath, the bold use of colour and all the wonderful, unique, eclectic lamps placed all over her chic, stylish, yet effortless looking home. She has 18 lamps in one room! Yes, 18, maybe a little OTT? Can you imagine her electricity bill? - but on an environmentally friendly note she did tell us that she rides her bicycle everywhere so she doesn't buy petrol!


However if you want these kind of interiors you’ve got to have an open mind and the willingness to be a little adventurous. You won’t need huge amounts of cash, but you will need a big dose of confidence to create a look like this. The single most transformative thing you can do is paint. It is cheap, it is easy and if you don't like the colour you can easily change it. Abigail is a strong believer in painting the walls and ceilings the same colour, 'creates a feeling of 'eternaity'. 

Eclectic interiors are by far the hardest to create because nothing matches but it can be done but don't let  your mistakes put you off. Just keep trying, move furniture around, paint it again, have fun with your interiors. Let your eclectic side out and create your perfect dream home.


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