Thursday, 28 February 2013


I am aware that I may be about ten seasons behind when it comes to Desperate Housewives. I also realise that Marcia Cross's trailer has probably been blogged about ten thousand times!

But I only just discovered it when I was searching for glamorous workspace inspiration! I just had to share it with all those who are like me and not up to date with the TV soaps.

This is Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives and below is her gorgeous set trailer decorated by  LA interior designer Brian Sanders. He describes it as "Walking into a chocolate kiss".

I can see why. It is finished with cocoa coloured sea grass wall coverings, plush chocolate coloured carpet, tiffany blue upholstery, crisp white trims, brown and blue velvets and a mirrored dressing table to add glamour to this stars tiny space.

Can you believe this is a trailer, a caravan to us Aussies. It really does void the term trailer trash. If all caravans looked liked this I think we'd all be living in one or at least I be putting my hand up to come on the next camping trip!


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