Wednesday, 30 January 2013


When you hear the words I do you may think wedding

Today I was swimming in an ocean of white bridal gowns; Collette Dinnigan, Lisa Ho, Savvy Bride, Amanda Garrett, Karen Willis Holmes and so many more beautiful gowns of embroidered tulle, delicate laces, sculpted corseted bodices and grand sweeping trains.

Now before you all get too excited, DRM has not popped the question, there was no little blue box with a precious, perfect, jewel in sight. 

Then why all the amazing couture gown talk? 

I was approached by Nadean from Photography by Nadean to help co-ordinate the bridal fashion gallery at One Fine Day this coming weekend I jumped at the chance to be part of this amazing event. One Fine Day is made up of three ladies who love weddings and independently run their own businesses within the industry. Along with Nadean, there is Marissa from Simple Things Studio and Jess from Oscar and Ruby. An absolute must if you are planning a wedding!
White. That's the colour most of us will decide on; crisp, classic hues of ivory, snow and eggshell-white and the perfect white wedding always calls for a mix of lace, pearls and little treasures.  It got me day dreaming about how can we translate this classic chic palette into the home? 

Now there are countless shades of white and each is individual and can create a mood or evoke a completely different feeling. Warm whites can create harmonious, elegant, calming interiors. Pure white or cold white, with a blue undertone can create a modern, sleek contemporary style. 

What about painting a portrait of timeless elegance with white and cream blooms; soft and floral in appearance, depending on the time of the year, peonies, Austin roses or gardenias. Displaying your white ceramic crockery on open white hand-painted shelves to achieve a provincial style. Distress white doors, floors and furniture to give your home shabby chic charm and character.

Endless are options with white. I've always loved the simplicity and clean fresh feeling white gives me. I've always thought of it as blank canvas. Using white makes it easy to change the mood of your home. You can easily add accent colours. Accessorise with a pop of colour in some cushions, throws, lamps or a vase. It's the perfect back drop to display art. All the fine details of objects can be easily seen.

You can see more inspiring white images here.

The perfect dream home deserves just as much attention and detail as your wedding day, possibly (if I dare say to all the brides-to-be) more-so. Your home is more than one special day it is 365 days a year, it is a place to create memories and special moments that will last a lifetime.


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