Sunday, 27 January 2013


Happy Australia Day.

Today I was asked by my Irish DRM 'what does Australia Day mean to you?'

Growing up with a quite English heritage I never recall it as huge day in our house, of course we always had a flag or a temporary tattoo as children and Dad always enjoyed the extra day off from work! It has now evolved into more of a celebration as us six children have all grown older. A day we get all the family and friends together, spend the day in the sun with delicious simple food and good wine and of course it wouldn't be very Australian without a beer or two sitting in a stubby holder! 

Today was in true-blue form to how I would describe Australia Day. Although all my family are down in Melbourne, I am so lucky to have my beautiful ex-house-mate, who I'll call DC and her hubby up for the whole weekend.

We all had a late start to the day - a very Australian sleep-in, followed by a leisurely walk along the beach watching the morning surfers out catching their first Australia Day waves. A few hours of afternoon sun soaking up the rays and tanning our bodies, some of us a little too much, dips in the invigorating ocean and of course, lots of chit-chat between the girls while the men (sorry blokes) threw their fishing rods in and out of the ocean in an unsuccessful attempt to catch dinner. As the sun went down we ended the day in true Australian style. A BBQ. Fresh oysters, prawns and mouth watering steak, grilled fish (again, not the blokes catch-of-day), fresh salads and a glass of divine Australian wine. Yes, a very cliche Australia Day. 

So, 'what does Australia Day mean to me?' It means I am extremely proud to call myself Australian. I am very thankful that I am fortunate enough to live in this amazing country with so many opportunities and wonderful people to share it all with.

A perfect end to a perfect Australia Day.


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