Sunday, 27 January 2013


Beautiful flowers for a perfect anniversary
Parisian tea

Sometimes you have to remember to stop and smell the roses. 

Yes, it can be easy to forget because life can get so busy. Lately my focus has been entirely on finding my perfect dream home. I have been searching the net, sifting through house plans, apartment plans, researching strata fees, council rates and charges, mortgage rates, property reports and simply learning all the Sydney suburbs; North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Sydney City - now take a deep breath and release. 

It can be a little too much for me and I can become super-stressed.  Just the thought of making the wrong choice, a bad decision, a mistake that could cost me fortune and one that I may have to live with for a long time can cause palpitations.

Then, just as I am about to scream at frustration at the piles of real estate print outs and plans, DRM walks through the front door. He is holding the most beautiful bunch of flowers and comes bearing gifts. 

It's our anniversary. Yes, I forgot. I had forgotten it was our anniversary. Our special day.

Life goes past so quickly and it is easy to forget what is really important in life. What makes a house a home. It isn't all about keeping up with the Jones', the latest gadgets and expensive decor, the flash car in the driveway or the in-ground pool out the back. Sometimes it is the simple elegance of fresh flowers and the person you can sit on the sofa with and share a cup of tea.

On that note, I'm off to put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of Parisian tea with my perfect dream Man.



  1. amazing Australia Day - 2 Aussies, an Irish and an American with the Hottest 100 countdown....brill!!!! xx

  2. My comment posted on the wrong day!! anyways - comment for today - what makes a house a matter where in the world it is xx