Monday, 28 January 2013


I have always had a love affair with Paris.

The symmetry of the tree lined streets, the cream colour architecture of the buildings, the grand windows and crafted doors with big brass door handles, the patisseries with the pastel coloured macaroons all lined up perfectly in the store windows. I love the simple elegance of the Parisian woman, beautiful and stylish.  Neutral over-coat, simple scarves, designer handbags and french-manicured nails. The French know style, and they do it so effortlessly, even trying to look this effortless is exhausting for the rest of us!

The most stylish French woman would have to had been Coco, Coco Chanel. When her name comes to mind the words elegant and timeless ring in my earsShe always appears effortless. Her style has such influence on me. The LBD, the classic quilted clutch, the pearls. A style that remains and will never fade out of fashion.

It is not only my dress style that Coco has influenced but my home interior also. I try to keep it elegant and timeless. With so many new and changing fashion trends it can be so hard to focus on one style and pull the look you love and are trying to achieve together, without your dream home becoming an eclectic mess.

I have always found that an inspiration board helps determine my style and keep me from impulse purchases and the latest 'must have trend'. I know many friends are not even be aware of their style until I suggest that they begin flicking through magazines and books for inspiration. Doing this will always bring out your style. Create the mood board. Find images of anything you love. It can be furniture or fabrics but it can also be a person - like Coco, or a place, such as Paris, a colour or even a fragrance. Anything that draws your eye or excites your senses. Once you have all your images I am certain you will begin to see a trend. Then you can begin to create your inspiration board.
With endless subscriptions of magazines and countless interior design books, I am constantly flicking through the pages and finding new furniture to love, new fabric colours, new trends I want to try but I always convert back to my love of Parisian style for my interior. 
My Home is my sanctuary, my place to relax and feel calm. I need to love this space, I need it to reflect my tastes and showcase my belongings and personal possessions that I love. You only get one life - we all work so hard and have such busy, demanding lives, we don't want to miss out of the good things, the beautiful things, the things that make us happy, inspire us and motivate us.

As I continue my search for my new home, I know my love affair with all things Parisian will come with me when I create my perfect dream home.


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