Friday, 25 January 2013


On my morning beach walk I had thoughts of my perfect dream home. Where will it be, what will it look like and what it will become once I renovate it.

Last year I was swept off my feet by a beautiful man, who I will call DRM, in a whirlwind romance I packed up my life. I quit my job, moved out of my beautiful apartment and said goodbye to my family and friends. I have gone from working a 50 plus hour work week, left the buzz of St Kilda and my hectic social calendar and moved to the quiet coastal-country of NSW, where I know no-one.  A much bigger transition than I ever  anticipated.

There are many positives. Rather than my alarm buzzing at 5:45am and running on the treadmill at the gym with every other work-a-holic, I get to walk along this beach. I am also fortunate enough to not have to work while we live here so I do have time to really consider what it is I want to do with my life. But when you are really faced with that question it is a hard one to answer. I am sure you have all had the thought of what do I really want to do? and had that moment of inspiration interrupted with a phone call or a to do list longer than a  child's Christmas wish-list detailing what you really have to do  or what you need to do. So I now have time. I have time to think, although that is not always positive for an over thinker!

So what is it that I really want to do? I know I want to renovate, decorate and make things beautiful. I am a nester. I need my surroundings organised and beautiful. I need my house to feel like my home. I know these concepts were not all learnt through the years of schooling, courses, books and magazines I subscribe to. I know I was born this way.  I really was. For my 5th Birthday I wanted a new room. I wanted a princess room. I wanted pink wallpaper that matched pink frilly curtains and a pink floral quilt. There needed to be a dressing table for all my little ornaments to decorate my room and make it my own. My own pretty space. I still want that, only fortunately my style has evolved a little beyond tiaras and tutus.

I do still want a harmonious, organised, beautiful space to call my own. So the journey begins to find the house that will become my perfect dream home.


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