Wednesday, 30 January 2013


At my computer again today as I continue to research properties, areas and statistics. Though 'somehow' my mouse couldn't help but to find the google box and 'somehow' the word luxury hotels appeared in the box - crazy, I know!?!?

Ok maybe, just maybe, I am getting a little excited about our up and coming holiday to the USA and there is a insy-winsy possibility I was daydreaming about luxury hotels I may get to stay in!

As it would be, google managed to find me an article on the new Sofitel Hotel in Singapore and their collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. You can read it HERE or at least look and lust over the images.

So yes, Karl Lagerfeld, the head of my favourite fashion house Chanel, is going to be designing the new emblem for Sofitel So Singapore. After drooling over the images of this beautiful luxury hotel, I thought about all the other fabulous hotels there are in the world and the opulent interiors that lay beyond the doorman and through the grand foyers. 

Side tracked from the house hunting today and focused on hotel planning for our trip, my head has been filled with all the inspiration I can draw upon from these luxurious hotels. As I prepare for an influx of visitors over the next few months, I am asking myself how I can add a little bit of luxury hotel to create the perfect guest room? Sleep tight for a couple more nights and I will give you some great ideas to make your house guests feel right at home!

I know tonight as I rest my head on my pillow I will be in a happy place, immersed with thoughts of lush, plush robes that will wrap themselves around my body, soft slippers to place my tired feet, long, hot, relaxing, bubble baths and falling asleep in the pure Egyptian cotton comfort of one of their beds and fantasising about my perfect dream home....



When you hear the words I do you may think wedding

Today I was swimming in an ocean of white bridal gowns; Collette Dinnigan, Lisa Ho, Savvy Bride, Amanda Garrett, Karen Willis Holmes and so many more beautiful gowns of embroidered tulle, delicate laces, sculpted corseted bodices and grand sweeping trains.

Now before you all get too excited, DRM has not popped the question, there was no little blue box with a precious, perfect, jewel in sight. 

Then why all the amazing couture gown talk? 

I was approached by Nadean from Photography by Nadean to help co-ordinate the bridal fashion gallery at One Fine Day this coming weekend I jumped at the chance to be part of this amazing event. One Fine Day is made up of three ladies who love weddings and independently run their own businesses within the industry. Along with Nadean, there is Marissa from Simple Things Studio and Jess from Oscar and Ruby. An absolute must if you are planning a wedding!
White. That's the colour most of us will decide on; crisp, classic hues of ivory, snow and eggshell-white and the perfect white wedding always calls for a mix of lace, pearls and little treasures.  It got me day dreaming about how can we translate this classic chic palette into the home? 

Now there are countless shades of white and each is individual and can create a mood or evoke a completely different feeling. Warm whites can create harmonious, elegant, calming interiors. Pure white or cold white, with a blue undertone can create a modern, sleek contemporary style. 

What about painting a portrait of timeless elegance with white and cream blooms; soft and floral in appearance, depending on the time of the year, peonies, Austin roses or gardenias. Displaying your white ceramic crockery on open white hand-painted shelves to achieve a provincial style. Distress white doors, floors and furniture to give your home shabby chic charm and character.

Endless are options with white. I've always loved the simplicity and clean fresh feeling white gives me. I've always thought of it as blank canvas. Using white makes it easy to change the mood of your home. You can easily add accent colours. Accessorise with a pop of colour in some cushions, throws, lamps or a vase. It's the perfect back drop to display art. All the fine details of objects can be easily seen.

You can see more inspiring white images here.

The perfect dream home deserves just as much attention and detail as your wedding day, possibly (if I dare say to all the brides-to-be) more-so. Your home is more than one special day it is 365 days a year, it is a place to create memories and special moments that will last a lifetime.


Monday, 28 January 2013


The rain held me prisoner all day. However, this did give me a opportunity to get creative and crafty with a little DIY project I have been wanting to do for ages.

I picked up this old wine crate from a Sunday market a few months back for a bargain price of only $10 - unfortunately the wine was not included. I thought it would make a great storage box for  books and magazines. I bought four wheels from the hardware store for $1.99 each. 

In just three small steps my DIY project was complete. I now have a mobile magazine box that I can wheel around from chair to chair. This is what I have it for at the moment but it could be used for absolutely anything. How great would it be for children's toys that get left around the house? In the bathroom for towels, out in the garden to hold herb pots or garden tools. Or better yet, as a drop-off-box in the entrance or at the bottom of the stairs - if you have a second level in your house, you'll appreciate that a pile of bits and pieces always manages to sit at the bottom of the stairs until you get a minute to walk it up! The options are endless, you could even use it to store wine! So find yourself a crate or a wooden box and get creative.

What a fun little DIY project this was - Perfect for a rainy day.





This was such a simple and quick little DIY!
Have you done any DIY projects lately? Do share in the comments!



I have always had a love affair with Paris.

The symmetry of the tree lined streets, the cream colour architecture of the buildings, the grand windows and crafted doors with big brass door handles, the patisseries with the pastel coloured macaroons all lined up perfectly in the store windows. I love the simple elegance of the Parisian woman, beautiful and stylish.  Neutral over-coat, simple scarves, designer handbags and french-manicured nails. The French know style, and they do it so effortlessly, even trying to look this effortless is exhausting for the rest of us!

The most stylish French woman would have to had been Coco, Coco Chanel. When her name comes to mind the words elegant and timeless ring in my earsShe always appears effortless. Her style has such influence on me. The LBD, the classic quilted clutch, the pearls. A style that remains and will never fade out of fashion.

It is not only my dress style that Coco has influenced but my home interior also. I try to keep it elegant and timeless. With so many new and changing fashion trends it can be so hard to focus on one style and pull the look you love and are trying to achieve together, without your dream home becoming an eclectic mess.

I have always found that an inspiration board helps determine my style and keep me from impulse purchases and the latest 'must have trend'. I know many friends are not even be aware of their style until I suggest that they begin flicking through magazines and books for inspiration. Doing this will always bring out your style. Create the mood board. Find images of anything you love. It can be furniture or fabrics but it can also be a person - like Coco, or a place, such as Paris, a colour or even a fragrance. Anything that draws your eye or excites your senses. Once you have all your images I am certain you will begin to see a trend. Then you can begin to create your inspiration board.
With endless subscriptions of magazines and countless interior design books, I am constantly flicking through the pages and finding new furniture to love, new fabric colours, new trends I want to try but I always convert back to my love of Parisian style for my interior. 
My Home is my sanctuary, my place to relax and feel calm. I need to love this space, I need it to reflect my tastes and showcase my belongings and personal possessions that I love. You only get one life - we all work so hard and have such busy, demanding lives, we don't want to miss out of the good things, the beautiful things, the things that make us happy, inspire us and motivate us.

As I continue my search for my new home, I know my love affair with all things Parisian will come with me when I create my perfect dream home.


Sunday, 27 January 2013


Beautiful flowers for a perfect anniversary
Parisian tea

Sometimes you have to remember to stop and smell the roses. 

Yes, it can be easy to forget because life can get so busy. Lately my focus has been entirely on finding my perfect dream home. I have been searching the net, sifting through house plans, apartment plans, researching strata fees, council rates and charges, mortgage rates, property reports and simply learning all the Sydney suburbs; North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Sydney City - now take a deep breath and release. 

It can be a little too much for me and I can become super-stressed.  Just the thought of making the wrong choice, a bad decision, a mistake that could cost me fortune and one that I may have to live with for a long time can cause palpitations.

Then, just as I am about to scream at frustration at the piles of real estate print outs and plans, DRM walks through the front door. He is holding the most beautiful bunch of flowers and comes bearing gifts. 

It's our anniversary. Yes, I forgot. I had forgotten it was our anniversary. Our special day.

Life goes past so quickly and it is easy to forget what is really important in life. What makes a house a home. It isn't all about keeping up with the Jones', the latest gadgets and expensive decor, the flash car in the driveway or the in-ground pool out the back. Sometimes it is the simple elegance of fresh flowers and the person you can sit on the sofa with and share a cup of tea.

On that note, I'm off to put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of Parisian tea with my perfect dream Man.



Happy Australia Day.

Today I was asked by my Irish DRM 'what does Australia Day mean to you?'

Growing up with a quite English heritage I never recall it as huge day in our house, of course we always had a flag or a temporary tattoo as children and Dad always enjoyed the extra day off from work! It has now evolved into more of a celebration as us six children have all grown older. A day we get all the family and friends together, spend the day in the sun with delicious simple food and good wine and of course it wouldn't be very Australian without a beer or two sitting in a stubby holder! 

Today was in true-blue form to how I would describe Australia Day. Although all my family are down in Melbourne, I am so lucky to have my beautiful ex-house-mate, who I'll call DC and her hubby up for the whole weekend.

We all had a late start to the day - a very Australian sleep-in, followed by a leisurely walk along the beach watching the morning surfers out catching their first Australia Day waves. A few hours of afternoon sun soaking up the rays and tanning our bodies, some of us a little too much, dips in the invigorating ocean and of course, lots of chit-chat between the girls while the men (sorry blokes) threw their fishing rods in and out of the ocean in an unsuccessful attempt to catch dinner. As the sun went down we ended the day in true Australian style. A BBQ. Fresh oysters, prawns and mouth watering steak, grilled fish (again, not the blokes catch-of-day), fresh salads and a glass of divine Australian wine. Yes, a very cliche Australia Day. 

So, 'what does Australia Day mean to me?' It means I am extremely proud to call myself Australian. I am very thankful that I am fortunate enough to live in this amazing country with so many opportunities and wonderful people to share it all with.

A perfect end to a perfect Australia Day.


Friday, 25 January 2013


On my morning beach walk I had thoughts of my perfect dream home. Where will it be, what will it look like and what it will become once I renovate it.

Last year I was swept off my feet by a beautiful man, who I will call DRM, in a whirlwind romance I packed up my life. I quit my job, moved out of my beautiful apartment and said goodbye to my family and friends. I have gone from working a 50 plus hour work week, left the buzz of St Kilda and my hectic social calendar and moved to the quiet coastal-country of NSW, where I know no-one.  A much bigger transition than I ever  anticipated.

There are many positives. Rather than my alarm buzzing at 5:45am and running on the treadmill at the gym with every other work-a-holic, I get to walk along this beach. I am also fortunate enough to not have to work while we live here so I do have time to really consider what it is I want to do with my life. But when you are really faced with that question it is a hard one to answer. I am sure you have all had the thought of what do I really want to do? and had that moment of inspiration interrupted with a phone call or a to do list longer than a  child's Christmas wish-list detailing what you really have to do  or what you need to do. So I now have time. I have time to think, although that is not always positive for an over thinker!

So what is it that I really want to do? I know I want to renovate, decorate and make things beautiful. I am a nester. I need my surroundings organised and beautiful. I need my house to feel like my home. I know these concepts were not all learnt through the years of schooling, courses, books and magazines I subscribe to. I know I was born this way.  I really was. For my 5th Birthday I wanted a new room. I wanted a princess room. I wanted pink wallpaper that matched pink frilly curtains and a pink floral quilt. There needed to be a dressing table for all my little ornaments to decorate my room and make it my own. My own pretty space. I still want that, only fortunately my style has evolved a little beyond tiaras and tutus.

I do still want a harmonious, organised, beautiful space to call my own. So the journey begins to find the house that will become my perfect dream home.