Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I have downloaded Top Design and am pretty much watching the episodes back to back. I am quite a critic but honestly, the spaces the designers are creating don't do much for me...I sound like a mean contestant, don't I? Some are great, I do find it interesting that the designers get the same brief and it is interpreted, resulting in such different outcomes.

Kelly Wearstler is one of the judges, which is why I started watching it and another designer I admire, Jonathon Adler.

Jonathon Adler, is the king of stylish and playful decorating. He designs fun, quirky, bold rooms. I am a big fan of his furniture and accessories. I could have his pieces all over my house - except that the price tags are not always within my budget. 

Below is his and his husbands holiday home on Shelter Island in New York, not far from The Hamptons. Be warned, you are not going to be looking at a typical 'Hamptons Beach House', his is more psychedelic, a little more Austin Powers goes to the Hamptons, never-the-less it is a fun, colourful, mid-century style bringing some inspiration from Palm Springs.

I shall leave you with this Happy-Chic home to get you through Tuesday!



Saturday, 19 October 2013


I know it is probably very clear by now that I am completely obsessed with Kelly Wearstler. Well, just in case you don't really know, who she is exactly, here is a bit about my favourite Interior Designer.


Kelly Wearstler is an American Interior Design and Fashion Designer. She has a distinctive style that contrasts refinement with rawness and mixes colour, quaintness, sophistication and glamorous styles.

Her career began in the late 1990s, she decorated the house of real estate developer Brad Korzen (whom she later married), eventually providing design services for residential properties owned by Korzen's Kor Realty Group.
In 1995, Kelly Wearstler opened her design firm, Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (KWID).
Wearstler's career took off in 1999, when she redesigned the interior of the Beverly Hills' Avalon Hotel, a late 1940s-era hotel in Beverly Hills owned by Korzen. This launched her venture into hotel interior design. She designed the Avalon with unexpected, fearless aesthetic that has now become her signature.

The bold, Midcentury, design has been celebrated by critics and guests alike, what the New York Times has described as retro-theatrical interiors and driven the current era in boutique hotel décor where dazzling, one-of-a-kind layouts are compulsory.

Wearstler went on creating for Korzen's collection of boutique hotels, Viceroy Hotels and Resorts. Her work within the hotel industry built her reputation as a notable west coast designer.

As an interior designer, Wearstler finds influence in Modernism and old Hollywood glamour as created by Dorothy Draper and William Haines, and the work of architect Aldo Rossi.  She greatly admires David Hicks and Ettore Sottsass.


Her style has been described as Hollywood Regency and Maximalism. She is credited, alongside Jonathan Adler and Miles Redd as bringing the elaborate and the decorative back to interior design, mixing modern and historical designs, such as a starburst mirror, against a turquoise painted wall, accented by a bold rug. She considers herself a modernist in that she is always trying to make her work feel fresh and new. She will never do the same room twice.

In addition to her commercial work, Wearstler continuously creates grand residential interiors for some of the most prominent players in the worlds of art, business and entertainment, recently working with Cameron Diaz on her New York City apartment. Wearstler will visit auction houses to collect furniture and decor items for her projects, always sifting through vintage stores and flea markets to find something special. She does not define her style but says it is dictated by her clients and takes their interests in to consideration. She doesn’t believe there is one essential element to any room but more of a spirit rather than an object.

Recently, Wearstler launched a collection of ready-to-wear, jewellery, furniture, homewares and art objects based on the liveliness of her interiors. Simultaneously opening a boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles to showcase all her lines. In addition to her boutique, her collections are also available at upmarket retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Selfridges, as well as on her own site, KellyWearstler.com. 

Kelly Wearstler Interior Design also collaborates with some of the industries most exclusive names, bed sheets for Sferra, rugs for The Rug Company, fine china for Pickard China, and wall treatments for F. Schumacher & Co. Her expansive list of credits also includes a recently launched second line of fabrics with Lee Jofa.

As a showcase for her creative work, Wearstler has published four books. In 2006, her first book was published Domicilum Decoratus, a photography book by Wearstler, featuring photographs of her Beverly Hills mansion and herself dressed in evening gowns. Since then she has published an additional three books: Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style, Hue and  Rhapsody.

An avid fashion devotee who has been collecting vintage pieces since childhood, Wearstler has been named to Vogue's Best Dressed list. Other accolades include a berth on the Los Angeles Times' bestseller list as well as inclusion in TIME Style & Design's elite "Design 100" group of global creatives. Wearstler also served as a two-time judge on the Bravo network's interior design competition series, Top Design.
Her work has been featured in many magazines and publications including Elle Décor, Harper's Bazaar, Architectural Digest, The Financial Times, InStyle, Elle, Women's Wear Daily and The New York Times, among many others. 

Wearstler is a South Carolina native and graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art. When she isn't working, she enjoys surfing, spending time with her family and taking photographs for her blog, MyVibeMyLife.com. She believes inspiration exists everywhere from hardware store shelves to the beaches of Malibu.

Kelly Wearstler has revolutionized the look, feel and meaning of modern American glamour. She has been hailed as the heiress apparent to Hollywood grand Regency style, and its virtuoso of its glitz and glamour. In reality, she is a free spirit who didn’t get where she is in her career by playing it safe.

What is Kelly Wearstler’s design philosophy? Take risks and don’t look back!

The perfect design philosophy that I may take on as my own.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


My kitchen needs to be black.

At the moment it is still boring beige, just as the entire house once was. It needs to go. It lets down the rest of the house and it is an eye sore. I knew it wouldn't work when I decide to paint all the walls grey. I also knew that I would give it a make-over pretty quickly.

The kitchen is in really good condition, it must only be five years old and I can see that it was a high end kitchen. Because I only want to change the colour, not replace all the cabinets, I have been looking into having the doors, draws and panels re-sprayed.

I found quite a lot of inspiration on pinterest and black kitchens do appear to be right on trend.

Would you look at these stools! Amazing! I am loving the gold frame around what appears to be a hide.

These black tiles add a touch of glam to the black kitchen.

I love that everything is hidden behind the doors. Closing the doors equals a quick clean up if guests pop over unannounced!

It is a little daring but why not? I think it will blend in perfectly with my grey walls.


Monday, 14 October 2013


My deck is painted, my cane furniture has been sprayed, now I just have to select a fabric for the cushions to be re-upholstered.

Decisions, decisions.

I have been seeking inspiration on Pinterest and online at Fab Outdoor Fabrics. I do love my classic black and white stripes but I also love the amazing banana leaves.

I do love the stripes but I could possibly add a few banana leave scatter cushions as an option?

Then there are all the jungle prints which I do have a crush on. It has an Indonesian resort style, which make me feel so relaxed.

I don't want to tire of a pattern and I do want it to flow from the inside to the out, I am swaying towards the stripes. It is a little hotel luxe.

To help me be sure, I have decided to order samples and that way I can lay them on the chairs and make a clear decision.

Any thoughts on what you think would be the perfect outdoor fabric?


Sunday, 13 October 2013


Here it is. Here is my my fabulous eBay purchase.

Ok, so it may not look as fabulous as the furniture from Naturally Cane....that is, not yet!

I, however, picked this cane set up for a bargain price of just $150! You read it right, $150. Not $1500, not $2500, not $6500, as it may have cost me had I bought the same amount at Naturally Cane.

Ok, so I may have been on a bit of a cane furniture mission, I also bought these four chairs for $20 each. I just couldn't resist the bargain. Besides our deck is so big, I thought I could make a few different areas. I'm hunting down a round coffee table for the centre of these chairs.

Let the transformations begin.....

I decided to paint my fabulous new furniture black, gloss black. It will be seen from inside and when we have all the bi-fold doors open it will be an extension of the living room. I want the inside to flow from the outside and vice versa.

Something like this.

Once again, but no surprise to you all I'm sure, I headed down to my happy place, Bunnings. Into the paint section, where I am now pretty much a daily regular. 

I bought four cans of spray on primer in grey. Spray on primer was going to be so much easier than painting on primer with a brush - too many fiddly bits. 

After washing the chairs, I sprayed a light coat of the primer, followed by a few more to ensure full coverage. Because the cane had been varnished, I needed to thoroughly cover the entire chairs with the primer in order for the gloss paint to stick.

Next, I pulled out a spray can of black gloss. I am not quite sure how many trips I did to Bunnings to buy just a few more cans of black spray paint. I think the staff may have been starting to think I was a graffiti artist. Let's just say I bought a lot! Luckily one can is only $2.95. And on went the first coat.

While the first coat was drying, I started priming the other cane lounges. This took a little longer because of all the detail, it was quite time consuming spraying in all the weaves.

I did get there and I finished all the cane furniture in about two days. Once it dried, I was able to see if I missed any areas and then touch up. Another great thing is, if it does chip or scratch it is super easy to repair so I don't have to worry if it gets a few bumps. 

Here are the before and after shots of the Virgin Renovator make-over...

I don't think the photos do the furniture justice. They really do look so fabulous. Now I just need to find fabric to cover all the cushions. 

I feel that I am on my way to creating the perfect outdoor space on a budget. Bring on summer!